Christmas Trees by Maurice Mandry Ltd.

A Traditional Tree...for a real family Christmas.

Nothing comes close

Maurice Mandry and family have been growing quality Christmas trees for over half a century.

On their 200 acre Christmas tree farm just outside Chertsey, Robert Mandry, Zoe and their staff, hand shape trees from 3 to 35ft - as they have since before the last war.


We're very aware of our responsibility to the local environment here and "Green is good” says Robert. We plant two trees for each one we cut, and rest the land by planting wild birdseed when it’s not in use. Sustainability makes sense and we believe our customers appreciate the traditional MM family approach.
I can remember my Dad planting our first few trees back in the 1940's. We still plant by hand and use hardly any artificial pest control. Although in those days we did have "a bit of help from some German visitors - from the sky!"
These days some of our regular customers come 60 or 70 miles to collect their trees. I guess this is still one of those things people don't want to take a chance on.

Big Names - Local Business

MM Trees support many of the big names locally both charities and business including, White Lodge, Woking & Weybridge Hospice, Ottershaw Village and McLaren Racing.

"There’s nothing like a real spruce"

There’s nothing like a real spruce for that magic, warm, pine aroma in your home says Robert. Something you just don't get with a plastic tree.

A Tree for all reasons

We supply trees for just about every taste –

Norway Spruce - The 'original' and our favourite.
Nordmann - Very popular, low needle drop & great shape.
Blue Spruce - Lowest needle drop & a lovely blue colour.
Fraser Fir - Narrow tree with low needle drop.
Douglas Fir - Lovely lemon scent.

Freshly cut each day

If you treat 'em right - a good tree will see the New Year in. Cutting an inch off the trunk will help a cut tree to drink. Keep the tree away from direct heat. Place cut trees in a good water holding stand - and be sure to keep any tree watered every day.

If you'd like your tree with roots (root ball, up to 5ft), we've got sizes and shapes that'll sit pretty in a boardroom or a bedsit, and all grown within 500 yards of the shop. It's just better for the environment that way.

And after Christmas, if you chose a tree with roots, maybe even plant it out!
Whatever you decide on, we'll net your tree, trim it and shape the trunk for you. Maybe the kids would like to choose some mistletoe or a Christmas wreath, or a bowl of Hyacinths for Mum. If you need a stand, we've got those too.